Curriculum Vitae

1951 born in Stuttgart- Bad Cannstatt

Education and work experience:

2019        member of AIC
2014        member of Kerameikon
1990         member of the Baden-Württemberg Arts and Crafts Association
1989         admission to the association of Gedok
1982         foundation of a studio
1971-74    studying art at the teachers college
1971         university entrance, equivalent to A levels

Solo exhibition in the last two years

2018     Individual Exhibition in the gallery Terra Delft, Delft/ Holland

2017     Individual exhibition in the gallery Nothburga ,Innsbruck/ Austria
              Individual exhibition in the gallery Tacheles, Gmunden/ Austria

Group exhibitions and some activities

2022      Nomination for Hessischen Staatspreis

2021       Martinson Award , international ceramic exhibition in Riga / Lettland
               „Lust auf Lustheim“ international porcelain exhibition in cooperation
               with the state Bayern
and Handwerkskammer München, Schloss
                   Lustheim / Germany

               „Natürlich“ exhibition in cooperation with the Naturkundemuseum
                   in Karlsruhe/ Germany

2020       AIC exhibition in Guozhong Ceramic Art Museum in Bejing/China
               Arts and craft exhibition „ ist das noch Kunsthandwerk“
               Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf/Germany
               „Gestaltung ,Kunst, Handwerk“ Staatspreis BW , Karlsruhe / Germany2020
              Nomination for Südwestdeutschen Keramikpreis

2019       Contemporary ceramic exhibition in the castle of Ludwigsburg
               International ceramic bienale in Cluj, Rumania
               International ceramic bienale in Aveiro, Portugal
               Artist in residence in Jingdezhen –Sanbao, China

2018       Lecturer at the University of Fine Art Bolu/ Turkey
               Lecturer at Kerameikon Varazdin/ Croatia
               Lecturer at the university of Augsburg / Germany
               Participant of the Ceramic Bienale Marratxi/ Spain
               Participant of the exhibition “textiele Kunst van Keramiek”,
               Tiendschuur/ Holland

2017        Lecturer at the University für Fine Art Trabzon/Turkeyi,
                 Participant of the  Südwestdeutscher Keramikpreis in
                 Höhr-Grenzhausen and Karlsruhe
                 Juror of the International Exhibition Ceramic Multiplex

2016        International Bienale Yingge Ceramic Museum /Taiwan2016
                 Porcelain-Bienale Meissen / Germany

2015        Participant of the Bienale in Gyeonggi, Korea
                 Participant of the Bienale El Vendrell, Spain
                 Participant of the Bienale Cluj, Rumania
                 Artist in residence Yingge Museum , Taipei

2014        State Award in Baden-Württemberg  with exhibition in Karlsruhe
                 Participant of the Westerwaldpreis , Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany 
                 Participant of the Perron porcelain price, Frankenthal, Germany
                 Participant of the international exhibition Iksit , Hofburg,
                 Innsbruck and Gmunden, Austria

2013        58° Premio Faenza, Faenza
                 International 8th Bienale of Gyeonggi, Korea
                 Bienale of Cluj, Rumania

2012        International ceramic-exhibition in Varazdin /Croatia

2011        International ceramic-exhibition in Piran/Slowenia

2010        Participant of the exhibition in Westerwaldmuseum , Germany  
                 Participant of Mixed Media exhibition in Keramikmuseum
                 Höhr- Grenzhausen
2003        artist in residence, Shigaraki/ Japan


Hanns Model Preis 2022
Honarabel mention of the Bienale in Yingge/ Taiwan, 2016
Honarabel mention of the Bienale in Ghenongju, Korea, 2015
State Award in Baden –Württemberg 2014
Price of Baden-Württemberg for a land art project, 2006
Price of the town Schwäbisch Gmünd, 2004

Work on places

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Gera , Germany
Fondation Shigaraki, Japan
Teapot Museum , Yixing
Landart in Melsungen, Germany
Museum of contemporary ceramic art Bolu, Turkey
Ceramiccollection Kerameikon Varazdin/Kroatien
Ceramic Museum, Cluj, Rumania
Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Germany
Yingge Museum, Taipei